Design Services

• Young and vibrant team of great design professionals and specially identified creative knit and woven suppliers. We have tied up with them in Indian Subcontinent, each with their unique handwriting.
• Optimized designing procedures as per trends, technical inputs and product detailing
• Constantly evolving with fabrics and materials, techniques and washes, silhouettes and embroideries.
We can systematically design and propose customized trend reports,


Research & Product Development

• Fiber Yarn and fabric Research Development Spotting and identifying for better production management and quality output for Clients.
• Developing cost-effective and quality options for yarn, fabrics and Garments by closing working with the Providers and Clients .
• Our ties ups are constantly working on Innovations.


Sourcing & Vendor Development

• We do an apt match of the Clients needs while Bringing in Indian Subcontinents manufacturing expertise to the forefront. Across the gamut of our expertise from Fibre to Garment.
• Expert guidance on Vendor Identification and development, tailor made to the customer’s product need and most importantly to their mindset for Work Ethics, quality, budget, size of the orders, technical and manufacturing capabilities.
• Highly evolved understanding of technical aspects encountered in manufacturing across major product categories.
• Constant MIS and Systematic approach to product development and production stage.
• Quality Check Audit and Professional Reports , with assistance in Shipping and last mile Logistic Management also.



Clients Briefs and ideas are formulated into Strategies for forming alliances and tie ups. Implementing them in the South Asia Region with Specific expertise in Indian Subcontinent ,is our forte. Over Two decades of Experience in the Raw Material, Textile and Clothing value chain gives our team an in-depth understanding and reach to connect where it matters.
Project handled

1. New Factory Set up.
2. Product Technology Tie up with Specialized
3. Design and Development Consultancy to Large Textile Manufacturing units.
4. Joint Venture Project between Indian Textile Units and International Companies.


Liaison Office /Country Office Solution

Foreign companies can open a liaison office in India to facilitate and promote the parent company’s business activities, and act as a communications channel between the foreign parent company and Indian companies.
Unable to engage in commercial, trading, or industrial activities regularly . Liaison office is the Solution
A liaison office is permitted to engage in the following activities:
• Facilitate communication between the overseas head company and parties in India to establish market opportunities;
• Promote imports/exports between countries;
• Establish financial and technical cooperation between overseas and Indian companies; and,
• Represent the overseas head company in India.