Art Textile

We take pride in presenting the best sources of Indian art textile . Be it hand-spun,hand-loomed,hand-dyed,hand-printed. We have the best sources working towards your needs. Dye and fastness standards are our forte. Azo Free, Fair Trade the spectrum is covered by us. This is a non mill fabric service a personal favourite of our company.



For Knitting & Weaving  -100% Combed Cotton. Count Range Ne 20/1- 80 /1 &100% Carded Cotton Count Range Ne 8/1 – 30/1  


Available with Ethical Cotton and its blends.

Contamination Controlled, With Imported Cotton like Supima, Giza, Other than Conventional cotton- Fair Trade , Organic , BCI ,Fairtrade Organic.


Coarser Denier | Fine Denier | Hollow Polyester | Tri-Lobal | Linen | Pima | Giza.




Slub | Siro | Slub Siro | Grindle



Viscose Neppy | Polyester Neppy | Cotton Neppy | Flake | Zebra | Snow



Cellulosic blends like 100% Viscose , 100% EcoVero Viscose, 100% Livaeco Viscose, 100% Modal , 100% Tencel, 100% Excel and their blends with Cotton. CVC


 High End Knit & Weaving ,Count Range COMBED: Ne 20/1 -140/1 ELI TWIST (SIRO COMPACT): Ne 2/30- Ne 2/120 ,Contamination Controlled With Imported Cotton like Supima, Giza Other than conventional cotton- Fair Trade, Organic, BCI, Fairtrade Organic.



Carded Ne 8/1 -44/1gives a fancy effect to the fabric. These yarns are produced with specific pattern of mass, length & frequency. Slub Types: Short slub, Medium slub, Long slub, Multi counts, Multi twist, Multi slub, Negative Slub Available blends 100% Carded/Combed, Organic, Fairtade, Polyester/ Cotton, Cellulosic blends like modal , viscose , cotton/modal etc


We can do your custom orders as our network is across six leading spinning mills.




We are a one stop shop facility, a trusted name worldwide to deliver creative and high quality fashion concepts in Formal and Casual Shirts, Tops & Dresses, Trousers and Jackets across Color Woven’s, Indigo, Solid and Print categories. We work with state of the art facility that continuously designs and develops path breaking responsible innovation, giving life and performance to fashion ensembles.





100% Cotton, Poly Cotton,Cotton Stretch,Cotton Linen,Cotton  with Viscose,Modal Tencel,Cotton Nylon Polyester, Sustainable Cottons , Organic Cottons,BCI Cotton Recycled Polyester, All types of Polyester Cellulosic fabrics.Corduroys and Velvets.




Plain-Popln,Shears,Voiles,Twills,Oxford,Engineered Twill Dobby- Textures, Grindle, Jacquard Crinkle,Seer Sucker.




Besides the Standard finishes, We can arrange Airo,Oil and Watter Repellant,Anti Microbial, All forms of Coatings and Surface feel finishes with Enzyme and Mechanical Process.




We proudly offer denim products in both rigid and stretch constructions in Standard Denim, Recycled Denim and Selvedge Denim. SUSTAINABLE & RECYCLED DENIM are offered with advanced dyeing techniques that use less water and fewer chemicals.A mix of latest trends to anticipate time by using reused and recycled materials.Our source are The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) addresses with input material verification, chain of custody, environmental principles, social requirements, and labelling for textile products made from recycled materials.

Men Fashion

Cotton is King of the men’s clothing world and we here in India are poised for your needs. We source all cotton and Cotton Blended Garments with Special Washes and Surface Techniques. 

Women Fashion

This is our creative signature

Producing a garment according to mood boards is simple, creating an extraordinary piece that channels a creative vision, is a difficult undertaking. India is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, whereby this diversity is reflected in it’s artistic sense & artisanal craftsmanship. In the process of creating each garment, we utilise this rich, creative energy: The traditional embroidery techniques, the colours, and the exotic silhouettes. Translating them into contemporary Western designs


Athleisure and performance sportswear fuel our growth.

  • Design team enables close-to-season collections and co-creation for our  partners who are able to leverage India’s core specialities in multi-fibre blends, linen blends, siro-cellulosics and yarn-dyeing.
  •  Vertically integrated set-up sets us up to provide un-matched product possibilities and quality, with speed-to-market solutions.
  • We offer creative and high-end products in cotton, linen, viscose, modal, tencel, polyester and nylon blends with functional finishes, and a wide range of prints.