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About Us

Gurjas Solutions is  a Clothing and Textile Solution set up in India. We specialise in providing Custom Solutions for Clothing and Textiles. Clothing and Textile en- compasses a high level of In-depth knowledge, right from the Raw Materials to Finished Goods Manufacturing and Control by us.

 A team with over 23 years of experience  working for the finest and most respected names in the Business of Textile Manufacturing and Garment production in India at Sr Positions thereby facilitating Customer buying projects from Centres of Excellence. 

 Our Customers success is  our Testimonial. We build Business Relationships which last the Test of time. 


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Gurjas Solutions


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Design Services

The Journey

We began by providing Design Development & Consulting services to companies in the Indian sub-continent. This followed a period of  Expansion & Diversification and setting up of Strategic alliances with foreign companies of repute and expertise.

As India has liberalized, Reformed and continues to evolve into worlds fastest growing Economy and Market. With this come many opportunities to associate and work out of the Indian Subcontinent. Over the years, we have assisted several International companies to make an entry into India and Indian companies to diversify and expand locally and globally.

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Why Us?

We are a set up built on the foundation of  Integrity, Trust,Honesty and Ethical practices. A relationship which puts people first and sources responsibly. We are Headquartered in North Indias Textile belt in the beautiful and most Morden City of India Chandigarh.Close and Immediate Acess to the Famous Cotton Textile manufacturing Centres of North India’s Cotton Belt . The Capital New Delhi is just a 45 mins flight away.

Ideal Solution for just and fair Ex Global Exposure and Experienced Team

Comprehensive Work Experience

Experience of working across the globe in countries such as Japan, Italy ,Turkey, Australia, China and India.

Extensive Team & Vendor Network

Team members include, Textile and Apparel experts, Industrial engineers, Fashion technologists, Inspection Team and Costing experts.

World Wide Footprint

World Wide Foot Print with relationships and ties ups in important Development and Research Centre’s in key regions of the world .

Successful Track Record

Experience of Undertaking Multiple Assignments with proven Success

Domestic and International Network

Domestic and International network with key Individuals & professionals who are leaders in their fields of expertise.

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B.No. 5&6 , Sector 47 C, Chandigarh. 160047




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